Canadian History Project

I have a too-large collection of antique books on the unrelated subjects of Canada and insurance. Where possible (and the books are out of copyright) I scan and place those books online for others to access.


  • Fisheries Statistics (1921) A full governmental report on the fishing industry in Canada for the year 1921.
  • Fur Farming in Canada (1913) Report from the committee on fisheries, game, and fur bearing animals. Details on how they're raised, collecting the pelts, different types of animals, breeding, and legislation. While mostly out of favour, fur and fur farming is an important part of Canadian history.
  • Fodder and Pasture Plans (1913) Department of Agriculture report for 1913. Includes pictures, climate, and agricultural value information on many types of grasses and other plants used in Canada 100 years ago.
  • Forest Protection in Canada (1913-1914) Commission of Conservation report from 1914. Tighly tied to railway construction as well. For example, when building the railway they would pile the brush at the side of the railway, which contributed to forest fires.
  • The Natural History of the Toronto Region (1913) The indians who formerly inhabited Toronto, plants, animals, what Toronto used to look like 100 years ago and earlier.
  • Nature Studies in the Acadian Land (1899) This one is a bit of a bizarre read. It's a rather self-indulgent essay from someone wandering around the Acadian area of Canada. Perhaps as relevant a read for insights into the people of the time as it is of the natural history of Canada.

Canadian People

  • Men of Canada (1891) Let the book speak for itself, to quote: "or success by example in Religion, patriotism, business, law, medicine, education and agriculture; containing portraits of some of Canada's chief business men, statesmen, farmers, men of the learned professions and others. Also, an authentic sketch of their lives. Object lessons for the present generation and examples to posterity". Contains pictures of some very stern looking fellows.
  • Slavery in Canada (1899) Hard to fathom, but both the Europeans and the Indians kept slaves in Canada if you go back far enough. Both blacks and Indians were kept and traded as slaves. And it was done with the full support and encouragement of members of the government.
  • The Pioneers of Old Ontario (1923) Starting in the late 1800's the author travelled around Ontario collecting information on the earliest settlers. This books recounts information from the times when Ontario was first being opened up and settled by Europeans. Includes a picture of a man who's father refused to accept a plot of land to farm because it was useless land. Today that farm would be referred to as 'downtown Toronto'. Not much has changed - they're still not farming there today.

Canadian Wars

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